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Hi, my name is Richard, I am a Forex Trader and the Owner of Blue Mind FX and I live in Canada. (Go Oilers!)

Welcome to my Website. I want to thank you for spending a few minutes here and I hope you will enjoy your experience. Let me tell you a bit about me:

When I first heard about Forex, took my hard-earned money and dropped it in a Trading Account, I as well relied on signals providers to get it done. I tried several for weeks and months before I came to the conclusion that it was not for me:They all seemed like they didn’t care, they just wanted my subscription money and that was it: There was no way to reach any ''mentor''. There was no accountability for bad days or bad weeks. There was no transparence or integrity and ultimately, you just felt like a number and a trader who's left out and confused. Sounds familiar? Their very steep prices (Most of them are all over $100 a month) combined with the horrible customer service, questionable practices got me thinking: What if I did it better?  

I spent countless hours charting, back testing my strategies, watching webinars, reading books and after just under 3 years of trials and errors and improving my emotional and psychological approach on trading, I finally had a proper breakthrough: Forex is not a get rich quick scheme. It needs to be treated and traded as an Income Generating Asset, not a gambling fund. Yes, coming to that conclusion took me too long, but I got it and it's gotten me where I wanted to be trading-wise. I had (and still have) consistent results and continuous growth, that's all that matters. My strategies became numerous, profitable and all relied on very strict risk exposure. All the time. Once I felt that I became comfortable, profitable and consistent enough, I decided to look back on the bad customer experiences I had in the past with signal providers. Blue Mind FX was born. The goal: to provide a community where members would have access to proper Forex Trading education, reliable Forex Signals with minimal risk exposure and feel like they belong to a team, not to a trader. Where they would not feel like a number and feel like they're left behind to guess.

My values are quite simple: To provide thorough, complete and accurate Forex Education to my members, as well as including quality Forex Signals and a copy trader service at the lowest cost. Period. No MLM's, No flashy fake BS; just a passionate trader sharing knowledge, excitement and love for Forex with my members. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.


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Why Choose Blue Mind FX?

  • A target of 200 Net Pips a Week;
  • An active Discord Community;
  • Access to my Complete Forex Course fully recorded in High Definition;
  • Frequent Live Webinars;
  • Complete 24/7 Support by Myself;
  • Transparency and Integrity;
  • The feeling of belonging in an active Trading Community.
  • Over 200 Members;
  • Full analysis and follow-up on each signals;
  • Swing, Intraday and Scalp Forex Signals, daily;
  • Dozens of Forex pairs traded, including XAUUSD;
  • Dedicated Owner;
  • Very affordable;
  • Learning environment, opened to beginners and advanced.
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...I've never been knowledgeable in trading before as compared to the time I spent with Blue Mind FX. I owe him every bit of cent, and dollar I earn in trading. The webinars are always filled with chunks of information for you to be a successful trader.

— Beethoven J.

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