I've got answers to your questions.

What's your experience?

I have a trading experience of over 5 years. My strategy has been built around risk management, technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. Contact me to find out more!  

How will I receive your signals?

My Signals are sent via the Free App Discord Every Day. Once you’ve subscribed, you will be forwarded to my Premium Server where I will grant your access. The Signals will be sent straight to your phone.  

Where are you from?

Gorgeous Eastern Canada! I therefore trade Late London Session, Full New-York and Early Asian Session. I trade several pairs including XAUUSD, Most USDXXX pairs, Most GBPXXX pairs. I also trade Us30 from time to time. My signals include them all!

Results to expect?

Results can vary and are not guaranteed. However, my personal target is an account increase of 10% a month. My pip target is 200 net pips a week.

How many signals a day do you send?

I send up to 4 Signals every day, again, depending on Market Structure and opportunities.  

What's the minimum deposit?

Your Minimal Deposit should be capital you do not rely on. The reason being is that it will take emotions out of the question and clear your head while trading. Of course, it also depends on the broker you wish to choose.  

What session do you trade?

As mentioned before, I live in Eastern Canada. Therefore, my time zone is GMT-4. I cover from the London Breakout to Mid Asian Session.  

How to join once I paid?

PayPal sends me an immediate notification of your purchase. I will then send you an email (to the email address you have used to subscribe) with the link to join my Premium Discord Server. Once you are inside the server, you will be granted immediate access.  

I'm ready to join. Let's go!